Bronchoscopy Transformed

Through the Power of Robotics

Lung Cancer Impacting early diagnosis

Lung cancer is the # 1 cancer killer – claiming more victims each year than breast, colon, pancreas, and prostate cancers combined. Although early stage diagnosis can drastically improve survival rates, with current technology, most cases are not diagnosed until later stages.

Why Auris Targets Lung Cancer

Monarch Bronchoscopy Integrating Cutting-Edge Technology

Auris designed the Monarch Platform to overcome current technical challenges, allowing physicians to accurately access small and hard-to-reach lung nodules early, for diagnosing and targeting treatment.

Monarch Technology

Monarch Bronchoscope A Leap Forward in Scope Design

The Monarch bronchoscope features a unique design that make our bronchoscope unlike anything else on the market today.

Monarch Instrumentation

Clinical Studies

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