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About the MONARCH® Platform
Robotic-Assisted Bronchoscopy

If your physician has discovered a spot on your lung, often called a small mass or nodule, you may need to have it tested to find out what it is. This is called a lung biopsy. Although most lung nodules are not cancer, it is important to find out what it is.

There are a few options available for reaching small nodules in the lung. These small masses can be very difficult to reach with manual bronchoscopes. The MONARCH® Platform featuring robotic-assisted bronchoscopy was introduced in 2018 to help physicians reach hard-to-reach nodules for biopsy.

The Value of The MONARCH® Platform

The MONARCH® Platform’s technology combines the latest advancements in robotic control, small instruments, endoscope design, vision, and data science into one platform.

For the first time, physicians have both direct vision and software to guide the scope to the small mass.

MONARCH® Platform's Unique Features

Unique Bronchoscope Design

Auris introduced a unique design that has revolutionized endoscope technology. This telescoping design provides the support and stability physicians need when driving a scope in hard-to-reach areas of the lungs. The scope is designed to give physician vision throughout the entire procedure.

Instinctive Controller

This controller provides the physician complete control of the robotic bronchoscope to make very precise movements needed while driving through small areas of the bronchial tree.