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Medical Intervention Transformed
Now has 510(k) clearance for bronchoscopic and urologic procedures.

One Platform Multiple Specialties

Mobile robotic cart allows easy transport between procedure rooms

Software and hardware upgradable to add additional features within each specialty

Platform designed with extensible architecture to seek clearance for future indications in new specialties

Endoscope Flexible Technology Re-Imagined

Portfolio of novel robotic-assisted flexible endoscopes

Innovative bronchoscope with a telescoping design and integrated camera for continuous vision and precise access

Advanced ureteroscope offers 4-way articulation and 3D tip tracking technology to support guided percutaneous access

INTEGRATED INTERFACE For An Elevated User Experience

The controller is designed to help navigate instinctively the flexible robotic endoscopes and instruments into the kidney or the periphery of the lung utilizing precise movements and control

Familiar touchscreen panel integrates all views into a single interface

Ergonomic design gives the physician more comfort, stability, and control over their procedure

Over 10,000 Monarch Bronchoscopy Cases!


Indications for Use