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New device helps doctors diagnose lung cancer with minimally-invasive procedure

Oct 30 2018


CHICAGO (Ivanhoe Newswire) - Lung cancer kills more Americans than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined, and like other forms of cancer, the earlier it’s caught, the better chance patients have to survive. Now, a new device is helping doctors diagnose lung cancer in one minimally-invasive procedure.

This video created by Ivanhoe discusses the impact of the deadly disease, lung cancer, on a young women and her family. With no history of smoking, she never thought that she would get cancer. She shares her story as she battled cancer with the support of her family.

One challenge with lung cancer is reaching these tiny nodules while they are are still treatable. Often found deep in the lungs, physicians are challenged with today's manual bronchoscope.

With the introduction of the Monarch Platform featuring robotic bronchoscopy, physicians can skillfully drive deep into the lungs to reach very small tumors so they can be safely diagnosed. Physicians now have the tools to reach these new nodules using the natural orifices of the body.

Dr. Kyle Hogarth of the University of Chicago was an integral partner to Auris Health, providing clinical feedback during the development of this robotic technology.

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