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Johnson & Johnson’s Paul Stoffels, MD Visits Auris

Paul Stoffels from Johnson & Johnson meets with Auris

Johnson & Johnson’s Vice Chair of the Executive Committee and Chief Scientific Officer, Paul Stoffels, MD, visited Auris during a tour of health technology innovators in Silicon Valley.

Dr. Stoffels explained that collaborations in health technology are part of J&J’s “strategy to create a connected digital ecosystem using technology and data to improve patient outcomes.” J&J wants patients to be empowered enough to take control of their health, while providing surgeons with effective tools to deliver the best possible results.

While in Silicon Valley, Dr. Stoffels visited with several J&J collaborators, including Apple, Verily, and Auris. Auris, which joined the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies earlier in 2019, is working with J&J to help make advances in combating lung cancer. Auris is also working with J&J to further innovation for other types of surgical procedures. While at Auris, Dr. Stoffels received hands-on demonstrations and obtained insights from our top researchers.

Dr. Stoffels believes that the advances in technology provided by these companies, coupled with J&J’s existing portfolio and expertise, will provide the foundation for the digital ecosystem the company hopes to create. This will ultimately lead to better results for patients and surgeons. Auris is proud to be a part of the team helping to achieve J&J’s goal of improving the health of everyone, everywhere.

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