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Event Specialty: Bronchoscopy


Auris Participates in AIPPD IP Career Symposium

  • Orlando, FL
  • Walt Disney Swan Resort

Auris is proud to support the The Association of Interventional Pulmonology Program Directors (AIPPD) IP Career Symposium in Orlando.

Stop by our area on Friday to learn about robotic-assisted bronchoscopy with the Monarch Platform.

About the AIPPD organization: Interventional Pulmonology (IP) is an emerging subspecialty of pulmonary medicine. Dedicated IP training requires an additional year of training after traditional pulmonary and critical care fellowship. Training focuses on the diagnosis and management of central airway obstruction, lung cancer, pleural diseases, and specialized procedural training in various airway and pleural procedures. As a result of growth in technology, the field of IP continues to expand to treat a wide range of pulmonary diseases.

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