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Event Specialty: Bronchoscopy


Auris VP of Engineering Speaks at FT Digital Surgery Summit

  • 2 New Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA
  • Palace Hotel

Auris engineer speaking at the FT Digital Surgery Summit

Auris’ Vice President of Engineering, Richard Leparmentier, will speak at the 2019 FT Digital Surgery Summit in San Francisco on March 21, 2019.

The FT Digital Surgery Summit is an event created to “examine how next-generation surgical technologies are transforming performance in the operating room.” Topics discussed will include issues of cost, scale, and access as surgery moves into the digital era, and digitizing surgery in a way that is widely successful. The summit will host thought leaders in the healthcare space, who provided their insights on key issues with digital surgery, as well as opportunities and challenges within this space.

The theme of the event is to cover advances within the digital surgery space, as well as the many challenges that arise. There are a number of factors shaping the future of surgery, including the rise of artificial intelligence and the evolution of hardware and sensors. The industry has made major advances in computing power, miniaturization, and connectivity. These improvements empower surgeons to reduce risks and improve patient outcomes. However, healthcare has been slower to adopt new technologies as compared to the consumer economy as a whole. This could be due to outdated regulation, but there also has been little focus on making digitized surgery widely accessible and affordable. These issues will be discussed at the Digital Surgery Summit, with experts in the field providing their insights on how to move forward.

At the event, Leparmentier will speak about the Next Generation of Surgical Tools, Instruments & Materials, sharing his expertise in surgical robotics with the audience. Leparmentier, who leads the R&D team, joined the Auris team in 2016. He has over 20 years of experience in medical device and high-tech sectors, including strategic planning and operations across global environments.

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