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Event Specialty: Robotics


Auris Celebrates National Robotics Week

Young adults building robotic components together

Auris will celebrate National Robotics Week, which runs from April 6-14, 2019. National Robotics Week is a series of grassroots events held with the goal of increasing public awareness of the U.S. robotics industry and inspiring students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

National Robotics Week has been held annually on the second full week of April in the United States since 2010. Robotics can have applications in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, healthcare, national defense, security, agriculture, and transportation. By raising awareness through National Robotics Week events, we can educate the public about the impact of robotics on our society and advocate for continued development.

We plan to celebrate our engineers during Robotics Week, who have helped develop robotic technology like the Monarch Platform to aid in early diagnosis of lung cancer. Our engineers will also mentor youths who are interested in careers in robotic engineering, sharing their experience and expertise in this field.

Auris also plans to support Johns Hopkins University’s Robotics Industry Day, an event during which representatives from robotics companies visit the university to interact with students and faculty and learn about their research in the field of robotics. Representatives and students can interact to talk about new ideas and innovations in the field on both sides, and companies can potentially create partnerships to help move ideas forward. Representatives from Auris will attend the event this year.

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