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Ashley McEvoy Welcomes Auris to the J&J Family

Ashley McEvoy and the Auris team celebrating acquisition

Ashley McEvoy, Executive Vice President and Worldwide Chairman of Medical Devices at J&J came to Auris along with other key members of her team to personally welcome Auris into the Johnson & Johnson family, now that our acquisition has been finalized.

Ashley McEvoy also posted a public welcome through their social media channel on LinkedIn. McEvoy said that the acquisition of Auris will help bring J&J closer to its goal of disrupting medical innovation to provide improvements for patients, medical staff, and healthcare systems. J&J aims to build a digital ecosystem of robotics, advanced instrumentation, and data to improve patient outcomes.

McEvoy said Auris’ Monarch Platform will play a critical role in J&J’s Lung Cancer Initiative to prevent, detect, and cure the disease. J&J is focusing on lung cancer first because it is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide due to the fact that it is often not discovered until it is in the later stages. With the Monarch Platform, we are better equipped to detect and treat lung cancer in the earlier stages, which leads to better long-term outcomes for patients.

McEvoy also believes that Auris’ innovation will help J&J reimagine care for other diseases. “Our vision is a new era of digital surgery that will simplify procedures, drive efficiency, reduce complications and ultimately make surgery safer,” she said. The acquisition of Auris complements the work J&J is doing with other companies to serve patient needs.

Auris is proud to be a part of furthering J&J’s mission to “restore, enhance, and save the lives of more people.”

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