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Display of Monarch Robotics technology.

CHEST 2020 Annual Conference

MONARCH® Platform

Drive the MONARCH!

We have several ways to experience the Monarch Robotic-Assisted Bronchoscope. Drive the robot in our Mobile Lab, enroll in a Monarch Test Flight hands-on experience or sign-up for our Fellows program.


Reach. Vision. Control.

The MONARCH® Platform integrates a variety of technologies designed to empower physicians with greater reach, uninterrupted vision, and meticulous control. The Monarch™ Platform maintains vision throughout the procedure, especially during the most critical step - the biopsy. Learn More About the MONARCH® Platform


Direct vision is combined with proprietary fused-navigational technology, and then integrated into one user interface. The Monarch Platform combines three distinct navigation technologies – electromagnetics, optical pattern recognition and robotic kinematic data – to triangulate bronchoscope location during the procedure and provide accurate positional data to physicians performing a bronchoscopy. The navigation algorithm is updated automatically as a physician moves closer to a target nodule.


Using a familiar controller interface, physicians can easily control the bronchoscope, enabling precise, sub-millimeter movements when targeting suspicious areas of a nodule. The MONARCH technology is designed to combine uninterrupted vision with a dedicated working channel and robotically-controlled bronchoscope. Physician’s can combine one-handed scope manipulation with working channel instrument use to adjust for changes in tissue-tool interaction.

Navigate Tortuous Airways

The bronchoscope and sheath telescoping design provide stability and control. The sheath can be articulated up to 130 degrees in any direction to create a stable base to advance the small bronchoscope. Once advanced beyond the sheath, the bronchoscope provides an additional 180 degrees of flexion in any direction. This advanced maneuverability is important to navigate the small, tortuous anatomy of the lungs. Each component of the bronchoscope can be independently articulated, advanced, retracted, and positionally locked, allowing physicians greater control and maneuverability deep in the lung where most small nodules are found.

Vision and Control in Action

Watch a short Monarch procedure narrated by Dr. Benjamin Seides to see how vision and control contributed to a successful outcome.

More Case Studies

Learn more about the MONARCH technology.

MONARCH® Mobile Lab

The MONARCH® Mobile Lab hits the road this year, bringing an exclusive hands on experience of the world’s market-leading Robotic-Assisted Bronchoscopy Platform to a city near you. Contact your Auris Sales Representative for more information.

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