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Display of Monarch Robotics technology.

STS 2021 Virtual Conference

MONARCH® Platform

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I am interested in learning more about the MONARCH® Platform with robotic-assisted bronchoscopy.

MONARCH® Platform is transforming medical intervention

As the market-leader in robotic-assisted bronchoscopy, the MONARCH® Platform integrates a variety of technologies designed to empower physicians with greater reach, uninterrupted vision, and meticulous control.

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Peripheral Nodule Dye-Marking with the MONARCH® Platform

Case Study by Dr. Gustavo Cumbo-Nacheli
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Dye-Marking Case Study

Peripheral Nodule Dye-Marking with the MONARCH® Platform Dr. Gustavo Cumbo-Nacheli

MONARCH® Mobile Lab

The MONARCH® Mobile Lab hits the road this year, bringing an exclusive hands on experience of the world’s market-leading Robotic-Assisted Bronchoscopy Platform to a city near you. Contact your Auris Sales Representative for more information.

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