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Join Us in Raising Awareness About Lung Cancer

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. It is a deadly disease, killing more people every year than colon, breast and prostate cancer combined. Lung cancer has very little, if any, symptoms during the early stage when it is small and easier to treat. Unfortunately, lung cancer is most often found in the late stages when treatment is less effective.

The key to fighting this cancer is early screening and detection.

MONARCH® is Transforming Bronchoscopy

Our engineers are advancing robotic technology to help doctors reach lung nodules that are deep in the lung.

MONARCH® Mobile Lab

MONARCH® hits the road this November, during Lung Cancer Awareness Month! The MONARCH® Mobile Lab will travel across the United States inviting physicians to learn about robotic technology and how it is helping physicians reach small hard-to-reach lung nodules found deep in the lung.

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If you are a physician interested in attending a robotic bronchoscopy lab near you, contact us or email us at

Lung Cancer Organization

Find more resources at Lung Cancer Awareness Month Orgnanization (

Lung Cancer Facts

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