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Auris Health Celebrates 10,000 MONARCH Platform Cases

This week, Auris reached an exciting milestone, with the completion of the 10,000th case using the revolutionary MONARCH® Platform.

By combining the latest advancements in robotic control, small instruments, endoscope design, vision, and data science into one platform, the Monarch Platform ushered in a new era of medical intervention when it was commercialized in March 2018. For the first time, physicians were given both direct vision combined with the precision of robotics to guide a scope to a small mass in the lungs.

We are so thankful and appreciative to all the physicians who helped pioneer robotic-assisted bronchoscopy and brought this technology to their patients. Together, we have impacted over 10,000 lives!

“We are bringing better tools to physicians, and that’s going to have a huge impact on patients around the world,” said Eric Davidson, president, Flexible Robotics. “We are immensely grateful to all of the physicians who have taken this journey alongside us, fighting with us to save lives by diagnosing lung masses earlier.”
“This is just the first chapter, and there are many more to come.”