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Dr. Moll and Auris in Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Apr 12 2018


Dr. Frederic Moll, CEO of Auris Health was featured in The Wall Street Journal in an article about Auris and its innovative technologies. Dr. Moll, a serial entrepreneur and surgical robotics visionary, helped pioneer Auris’s beginnings and has pushed for medical innovation for over 30 years. He co-founded his first start-up, Endotherapeutics Corp., in the 1980s, developing products for laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery. Gil Kliman, an investor in Restoration Robotics (another one of Dr. Moll’s ventures), said of Dr. Moll’s drive for success: “He is the one human that will never be replaced by a robot. He won’t give up on things; he can push though the inevitable naysayers.”

During the course of his career, Dr. Moll has sought to apply robotics to enable greater precision in minimally invasive procedures. His experience in robotic surgery has helped to guide the direction of Auris, a venture that originated with Columbia University scientists, since he joined the company as CEO in 2012. A perfectionist by nature, Dr. Moll revealed very little about Auris to the public until he was comfortable with the technology.

Auris’s Monarch Platform combines advancements in robotics, software and other fields. The system was cleared by the FDA in late March for diagnostic and therapeutic use in the airways. According to the article, the Monarch Platform has entered the lung cancer market at a prime time, with recent studies showing that lung cancer screening for at-risk individuals can provide life-saving benefits. When patients are diagnosed in the early stages of lung cancer, there are more treatment options available. Auris’s technology seeks to aid in early diagnosis of lung cancer by enabling greater precision and access in the peripheries of the lungs, helping surgeons access hard-to-reach lesions.

While lung cancer is the company’s first target, Auris envisions additional uses for the technology across future endoscopic clinical indications.

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