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Auris Health's $280 Million Financing in WSJ

Aug 03 2017

The Wall Street Journal

Auris Health’s $280 million Series D financing made headlines in the Wall Street Journal. According to the article, the company’s financing is part of a significant increase in medical-technology venture funding. It also spoke of Auris CEO Dr. Fred Moll, a robotic-surgery pioneer and serial entrepreneur with much success from previous companies he founded.

As pointed out by the article, Auris will apply its robotic technology to improve bronchoscopy procedures. Auris has set its sight in tackling lung cancer which is often deadly because it has already spread by the time it is diagnosed.

Excerpts from the article: Auris’s financing is part of a surge in medical-technology venture funding that comes amid increased investor confidence in the processes governing medical-device regulatory approvals. In the first half this year alone, investors pumped more than $3 billion into medical-device startups—more than in all of 2016, according to market tracker Dow Jones VentureSource.”

“Auris’s system improves upon bronchoscopy technology used to detect lung tumors. Bronchoscopy involves passing a scope down the throat to view the airway.”

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