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TechCrunch Features Auris in Article About J&J Purchase

Feb 13 2019


Auris was featured in an article on TechCrunch, an online publication that covers the tech industry, about the recent announcement that Johnson & Johnson will acquire Auris for $3.4 billion in cash.

In addition to the initial cash payout, Auris is eligible to receive up to $2.3 billion in subsequent payouts by meeting certain milestones. Dr. Fred Moll, CEO of Auris, is also joining J&J as part of the deal.

Serial entrepreneur Dr. Moll has been instrumental in leading Auris to success, after previously starting robotic surgery companies Intuitive Surgical and Hansen Medical. In 2018, Auris received FDA approval for the Monarch Platform, an endoscopic surgical solution with current applications to test and treat lung cancer.

When a CT scan shows a mass or lesion in the lung, a biopsy must be done to determine whether or not it is cancerous. Traditionally, manual techniques have been used to diagnose and treat lung cancer, a procedure that can be very difficult and traumatic for patients. Of these techniques, Dr. Moll has said, "Currently it's difficult with manual techniques and 40-percent of the time, there is no diagnosis. This is has been a problem for many years and (inhibits) the ability of a clinician to diagnose and treat early-stage cancer."

The Monarch Platform seeks to improve these outcomes, using flexible robotics to guide the scope into hard-to-reach areas of the lungs, which enables greater success in diagnosing lung cancer in the early stages. Physicians use video game-like controllers to guide the scope inside the patient's body, with assistance from 3D models.

J&J says that the Monarch Platform will both help with the company's Lung Cancer initiative and support their approach to open, laparoscopic, robotic, and endoluminal surgeries. The J&J acquisition also offers a means to further expand upon Auris's work. In a statement, Dr. Moll said of the acquisition, "We look forward to continuing to shape the future of intervention with the added expertise and resources of the world's largest healthcare organization."

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