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Secretive Surgical Robotics Company Raises $280 Million

Aug 07 2017


Auris Health, formerly known as Auris Surgical Robotics, is featured in the article for raising an unprecedented amount of funding in 2017. According to this article, Auris raised $280 million in a Series D round. After raising a large investment, Auris has remained silent about its work on the Monarch Platform, creating great intrigue in the financial media.

Dr. Frederic Moll, a well-known innovator in the surgical robotics field, got FDA approval for the medical robot which featured an endoscope designed to be used in the lungs. However, this system has not been made available commercially. According to this article, 150,000 people every year are killed by cancers in the lung.

Excerpt from article:

"Last year, Auris got FDA approval for its first medical robot, an endoscope to help treat lung conditions. That bot is part of a class of flexible robots that avoid cutting patients by using the body's natural openings--the mouth, in the case of the FDA-cleared bot."

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