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10 Robotic Surgery Companies

Jul 31 2016


Stealthy Auris Health, Inc., formerly known as Auris Surgical Robotics, made the list of 10 robotic surgery companies to be watched. According to the article, robotic technology may be a less invasive approach with higher success rates, in comparison to today’s more traditional approaches. Auris was specifically mentioned for its impressive funding and 2016 FDA clearance for its robotic endoscopy system, ARES (Auris Robotic Endoscopy System).

Excerpts from the article: “It’s only a matter of time before the majority of skilled tasks are threatened by artificial intelligence and sophisticated automation techniques like robotics.”

“Auris received FDA clearance this year for a teleoperated robotic endoscopy system called ARES (Auris Robotic Endoscopy System). A recent article by IEEE talks in detail about what this stealth-mode Company might be up to, including a focus on endolumenal surgery which involves introducing flexible robots via the body’s natural openings (the mouth in particular).”

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