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Auris Technology for Less Invasive Procedures

Aug 04 2017


Auris Health, formerly known as Auris Surgical Robotics, is featured in this article for its significant achievement in financing along with details surrounding its technology. Under the leadership of serial entrepreneur and Auris CEO, Dr. Fred Moll, Auris raised $280 million in a Series D round of financing. This was a generous amount to add to the existing $149.5 million from its Series C financing.

With its financing, lung cancer is Auris’s first target, and according to the article, its robotic technology could allow physicians to access early stage lung cancer without incisions.

Excerpt from the article: “…an FDA review concluded that the Auris Robotic Endoscopy System (ARES) was substantially equivalent to commercially available bronchoscopes, devices that are inserted through the nose or mouth that allow clinicians to examine a patient’s airways. Meeting the standard of substantial equivalence clears the way for a company to commercially launch a new medical device.”

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