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Auris's Monarch Platform featured in The Economist

Nov 16 2017

The Economist

Even when Auris Health, Inc., formerly known as Auris Surgical Robotics, was in stealth mode, it was featured as one of the new surgical robots about to enter the surgical suites. Dr. Fred Moll, CEO of Auris, is a well known as a pioneer in medical robotics. When Dr. Moll began developing the Monarch Platform, there was much speculation about his work. Lung cancer was identified as a key disease state that Auris was going to tackle.

Excerpts from article:
"Auris remains silent about when its robots will reach the market, but the firm’s patent applications give some clues as to what they might look like when they do. Auris appears to be developing a system of flexible arms with cameras and surgical instruments attached, which could enter a patient’s body through his mouth."

"Auris’s design could ease this dilemma by passing surgical instruments from the mouth into the trachea and thence to the precise point inside the affected lung where they are needed, in order to cut away only as much tissue as required."

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