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Monarch Platform, Innovative Robotic Technology Featured in Surgical Products Magazine

Apr 03 2018

Surgical Products Magazine

Since Auris has received FDA clearance for its Monarch Platform, the innovative robotic technology is catching the attention of many in the healthcare and robotics space. The Monarch Platform was featured in an article by Surgical Products Magazine. According to the article, the Monarch Platform’s approach to flexible technology with its application in bronchoscopy could be a game-changer. The article explains why Auris Health CEO, Dr. Frederic Moll, believes the technology has the potential to transform the treatment of lung cancer. It also explains how Dr. Moll’s guidance has shaped the direction of Auris, including the acquisition of Hansen Medical’s technology.

The article describes the innovative technology utilized by the Monarch Platform, saying “…the system combines the video from the endoscopic camera with 3D models of patient anatomy to provide computer-assisted navigation and an uninterrupted view of the entire procedure.” This technology allows for earlier, minimally invasive diagnosis, which is crucial in treating lung cancer. With current, manual techniques, there is no diagnosis 40% of the time. The Monarch Platform aims to improve those statistics.

The article also hints at future applications of the Monarch Platform: “Moll insists the current FDA clearance is just the beginning, emphasizing the “Platform” in the new device’s name. The intent is for it to eventually be employed for a wide array of endoscopic procedures.” Dr. Moll even predicts that the Monarch Platform may eventually perform procedures on its own.

Now that they have obtained FDA clearance, Auris expects to have the Monarch Platform installed in hospitals and healthcare facilities by the end of the year.

*Note: Since publication of this article, Surgical Products Magazine has now become Electronic Component News.

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