Monarch Platform's First In-Human Use in US Performed

Apr 12 2018


El Camino Hospital, located in Mountain View, California, reported that its interventional pulmonology team successfully used the Monarch Platform, a robotic bronchoscope system, as part of a clinical trial. This marks the first procedure of its kind in the US. Dr. Ganesh Krishna, medical director of the Interventional Pulmonology Program at El Camino Hospital, summarizes his use and belief in Auris’s technology.

Excerpt from the press release:
“At El Camino Hospital, we utilize a variety of minimally invasive procedures to visualize internal structures, obtain tissue samples and diagnose lung disease. With the use of the Monarch Platform, we are embarking on a paradigm shift in how we diagnose suspicious nodules in the lung.”

Read the Full Press Release on Monarch Platform

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