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Dr. Moll at The Milken Institute

Apr 29 2015

The Milken Institute

In this fascinating panel interview hosted by The Milken Institute, Auris Health CEO, Dr. Fred Moll, spoke about robotics in healthcare and Auris’s mission to transform medical intervention. According to Moll, the health of the healthcare system was creating a title wave of need for medical intervention. Moll saw this as both a problem and a bigger opportunity.

The robotics visionary also expressed his excitement for the next generation of medical intervention. According to Moll, there is an unstoppable trend of minimally invasive surgery, as it moves from big incision to small incision to incisionless. He presented Auris’s focus on early diagnosis, technical advancements, and health care economics as the new clinical paradigm and spoke about the digital robotics platform Auris has built to address this shift.

Excerpt from Dr. Moll’s interview: “The world needs advancement in medical intervention for both complex and routine procedures, but it has to be done at a cost that works with the new realities of healthcare. Auris has built, and continues to refine, a digital robotics platform with what we believe is the next generation of medical interventions.”

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