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Massdevice Features ACCESS Study

Oct 22 2018


Massdevice features Auris Health’s ACCESS study results, which were first announced at CHEST 2018 in San Antonio, Texas by Dr. Alexander Chen from Washington University in St. Louis. This study was the follow-up to the REACH study, which focused on the Monarch Platform’s ability to reach deeper into the lung’s periphery. With the ACCESS study, eight investigators performed robotic-assisted procedures using the Monarch Platform on a cadaveric model designed to mimic a real-life bronchoscopy procedure.

“Our mission is to enable diagnosis of lung cancer earlier in its progression, through the least-invasive approach – via the body’s natural openings,” said Frederic Moll, M.D., founder and CEO of Auris Health, in a prepared statement. “We are pleased with the performance the Monarch Platform demonstrated in the REACH and ACCESS studies, and look forward to further assessing the system’s benefits in prospective human clinical trials in the near future.”

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