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Dr. Michael Machuzak Interviewed on Auris's Technology

Oct 27 2017

MedPage Today

In this video interview at CHEST's Annual Meeting, Dr. Machuzak of the Cleveland Clinic summarizes his experience using the Monarch Platform in Auris's study, REACH Assessment: Advanced Bronchoscopic Techniques. According to Machuzak, Auris's robotic bronchoscope was compared to other standard flexible bronchoscopes, and the results were encouraging.

Dr. Muchazak was able to drive the bronchoscope further in all instances, totaling 18 airways. He stated that with better control, better vision, and the ability to manipulate the bronchoscope in the distal airways, physicians can improve their yield for diagnosing peripheral pulmonary lesions.

Watch Dr. Machuzak's Interview about Auris
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