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First Surgical Robot from Secretive Startup Auris Cleared for Use

Jun 07 2016

IEEE Spectrum

Auris Health, Inc., formerly known as Auris Surgical Robotics, is featured in this article for its FDA-cleared ARES, Auris Robotic Endoscopy System, and the curiosity it brings to what the company could plan to do with its technology.

According to the article, its investigation suggested Auris has greater ambitions than what was originally known about the stealthy startup. With its now known focus on endoluminal surgery, its recent FDA approved system could be used to diagnose and treat patients, according to the article. Endoluminal surgery is a less-invasive approach and could benefit fragile patients who are not strong enough to withstand normal surgery. The article also goes on to explain Auris’s 2014 clinical trial in Costa Rica and its success in using its robotic technology.

Excerpts from the article: “…an investigation by IEEE Spectrum suggests that the company has greater ambitions, including, according to current and former employees, “building the next generation of surgical robots… capable of expanding the applicability of robotics to a broad spectrum of medical procedures.” A close reading of recent patent applications filed by Auris scientists shows that the company is focusing on so-called endolumenal (or endoluminal) surgery. This involves surgeons introducing flexible robots via the body’s natural openings (the mouth in particular), to address conditions of the throat, lungs and gastrointestinal system. IEEE Spectrum can reveal that Auris has already carried out at least one successful human trial of such a robot, outside the United States."

"The study found that Auris’s robot was able to navigate the airways of all 15 patients in the trial without adverse effects. Of the nine patients eventually diagnosed with cancer, the robot obtained biopsy material from eight. “This study constitutes the first step of [a] very promising technology in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer,” says Solano."

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