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Monarch Platform, Robotic Endoscopy Featured in MedGadget

Mar 29 2018


Auris’s Monarch Platform was featured in MedGadget, an online publication that covers the latest news in medical technology around the world, in an article titled “Monarch Robotic Endoscopy for Spotting Small, Deep-Seated Lung Nodules Cleared by FDA.”

The article covers introduction of the Monarch Platform and mentions that the technology was cleared by the FDA. With the Monarch Platform, Auris will leverage the power of flexible robotics to transform endoscopy, the use of small cameras and tools to enter the body through its natural openings. With bronchoscopy as its first application, the Monarch Platform could help physicians reach into the periphery of the lungs. This capability would give the physician access to lung nodules that can often be missed. According to the article, the potential for Auris’s technology could include delivery of therapy in addition to helping with diagnosis. The article also notes the similarities between the Monarch Platforms controls and video game controllers and gives some background on how the technology works.

Excerpt from the article: "The company believes that being able to reach into the periphery of the lungs can help to spot nodules that are typically missed these days."

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