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Auris Gets Attention for FDA Approval

Jul 28 2016

Orthopaedic Product News

Silicon Valley-based Auris Health, made headlines for the FDA clearance of its robotic endoscopy system ARES (Auris Robotic Endoscopy System). According to the article, the technology could assist physicians with both visualizing and treating several lung conditions. Auris’s advanced bronchoscopic system could also make the procedure easier to perform for physicians, according to the article. Auris’s robotic approach could allow for less fatigue on the medical professional, unlike traditional bronchoscopy procedures.

Excerpts from the article: “The FDA has approved the system, dubbed Auris Robotic Endoscopy System, as an advanced bronchoscope that aids in both visualising and treating several lung conditions. The traditional endoscopes available in the market are controlled manually by manipulating the dials. Some procedures also require the medical professionals to perform surgeries in a contorted position, as well as guiding the device often involves a highly complex computed tomography scans.”

“…the device can add more accuracy and repeatedly get the different tools where they should be to maintain a healthy ergonomics for the medical professionals.”

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