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Auris Featured in Medium Article by Lux Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Feb 13 2019


Peter Hébert, co-founder and Managing Partner of Lux, wrote an article about Auris that was published in Medium. Believing strongly in Auris's mission, Lux co-led Auris Health's Series A financing in 2012 and has invested nearly $50 million since the company's inception. On the heels of Auris's recent acquisition by Johnson & Johnson, Hébert's article highlights Auris's mission and how J&J will help to further that mission.

Auris's goal is to positively impact patient outcomes by enhancing physicians' abilities with the most advanced technology. Led by surgical robotics pioneer Fred Moll, Auris has gone on to raise over $700 million in funding and received FDA approval for the Monarch Platform. The platform, which allows physicians to use a video game-like controller to drive small cameras and tools into the body in a non-invasive matter, has the ability to greatly improve patient outcomes.

The Monarch Platform's first application is in lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. Currently, 90% of people diagnosed with lung cancer do not survive, often because it is diagnosed in the later stages. The Monarch Platform is designed to enable early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer by allowing physicians accurate access to small, hard-to-reach nodules in the perphery of the lungs. Early diagnosis of lung cancer can greatly improve a patient's prognosis.

J&J's acquisition of Auris allows the company to further expand its mission. J&J's global distribution network will broaden access to the Monarch Platform, helping more patients receive early diagnosis and treatment.

Hébert closes out the article by explaining why Lux has been committed to helping Auris further their mission, saying: "Auris Health is an absolute winner in that it achieved its mission to make a difference in the lives of millions of patients. They challenged the status quo, stayed the course with conviction and introduced transformational change in interventional medicine. This is the formula of a hallmark Lux investment."

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