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Auris Featured in Forbes Among Healthcare Startups Raising Venture Capital

Dec 03 2018


According to Forbes, healthcare startups raised $28.8 billion in venture capital funding from January 2018 through November 2018. This is up 50% from last year over the same time frame, according to an analysis conducted for Forbes by Pitchbook.

Auris Health was recognized in the article as the healthcare startup that raised the largest amount of venture capital of all of the healthcare sectors during the month of November 2018. In November, Auris raised $220 million for its Monarch Platform in a Series D1 funding led by Partner Fund Management. The Monarch Platform can be used in bronchoscopy procedures to diagnose and treat lung nodules.

In a recent article on Compelo, Auris's CEO Dr. Frederic Moll was quoted as saying that the additional funding will be used to expand the commercialization of the Monarch Platform for endobronchial applications and expand the platform's capabilities across a broader spectrum of procedures.

As a whole, the healthcare startup industry is doing very well with venture capital fundraising this year. Compared to the five other industries tracked by Pitchbooks, including energy and fintech, healthcare startups have raised the second-largest amount of funding in 2018, with the IT sector holding the top spot.

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