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Auris Gets FDA Clearance for Monarch Platform

Mar 23 2018


Auris Health's Monarch Platform has been cleared by the FDA. The company's Chief Strategy Officer, Josh DeFonzo, summarizes some of the key features and benefits of the new technology, aimed to improve the current bronchoscopy procedure.

DeFonzo also points out that while the company's initial targeted disease state is lung cancer, the Monarch Platform was designed to go beyond this single application. Auris does not plan to discuss its future applications at this time, but the company is engaged in clinical studies of the platform for its cleared clinical indication.

Excerpt from the article: “One of the things that really attracted us to endoscopy is that there are some major challenges with endoscopy as it exists today. The endoscope has largely looked the same since the ’50s or ’60s and so first and foremost it requires a lot of skill,” DeFonzo said.

“The entire platform is designed for expandability. Obviously, our first approach here is endoscopy and our first clinical target is lung cancer, but we do have ambitions to apply this platform to additional clinical applications in the future.”

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